Virtual Tenancy

We are able to provide a “virtual tenancy” which gives you the convenience of having a mailing address away from your own home, and other facilities, without the cost of renting an office. Prices are as follows:

Cost per month Clowne Enterprise Members Non-Members
Use of our address and receipt and handling of mail £15 £20
Forwarding costs (first class mail) £1 per item (*) £1 per item (*)
Mail handling as above, plus use of our meeting room for an average 1 hour per week, plus access to the building and use of its facilities (own key) £25 £40
Deposit for key and alarm fob (where appropriate). Fully refundable upon return of key and fob. £50 £50

(*) Includes “junk filtering”. As per your request we will either dispose of junk mail, or redirect – both at zero cost. £1 charge will be applied for each batch of mail requiring re-enveloping, addressing and posting.

Use of the above service is entirely at the discretion of Clowne Enterprise and can be stopped without notice if we believe that the service is being used for inappropriate purposes.